I currently work primarily in JEE during the day, developing multi-tiered enterprise applications which run on clustered WebSphere and DB2 servers.  The technologies I employ consist of  EJB 3.x, JPA, Spring, REST, JAX-RS, JAX-B, JSON, Apache Wink, Apache Lucene, DB2, IBM MQ, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dojo.  These are all solid technologies but hardly light-weight or bleeding edge.

At night my focus turns to more experimental pursuits.  I’m currently working heavily in Objective-C (not light-weight or bleeding edge, but interesting) building iOS applications that connect to a backend Django/MySQL server running on Amazon’s cloud servers using OAUTH2  user authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google+.   I’m also evaluating Node.js, Express, Angular.js and Mongo DB (MEAN stack) as a possible future enhancement to, or replacement for, my current server stack.

Having a background as a graphic designer I enjoy the visual side of application development and I am routinely tasked with UI development in addition to the architectural and backend coding work that I do.  I can work directly with HTML, CSS, Javascript but also have experience with jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, Bootstrap and Angular.

I am looking for new opportunities, so if you need a highly-qualified developer to do something amazing drop me a line.    You can also find me on LinkedIn  and my most recent resume on Monster.

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