Month: September 2014

Ah Berlin!

I’ve recently returned from an extended stay in Berlin, Germany.  Berlin has quickly become one of my favorite places in Europe and, like Saint Louis, it has been experiencing its own startup boom.   A low cost of living, a stellar public transportation system, an abundance of energetic, educated (and highly inked) young people from diverse cultures, and some smart investors are driving the startup scene forward.  Places like the BetaHaus are popping up everywhere, repurposing once rundown, state-owned buildings and providing cool, low-cost workspaces to many startups and aspiring entrepreneurs (as well as a place to build a shelf or fix your bike).  If you’re in Berlin, stop by the BetaHaus for a tour (you might even get interviewed by the BBC).  Don’t worry, most people there speak perfect English if your Deutsch ist nicht so gut.

More Javascript fun

I’ve been using a nifty little JS library that really simplifies animation effects.  It’s called wow.js.  It works in conjunction with animate.css to implement around 50 different animation effects that can transform a boring page into something with a little more visual interest.  Give it a try.